Terabox Mod APK (Premium, Unlocked)

About TeraBox is an innovative cloud storage application. By using TeraBox, you can store all types of files, such as photos, videos, documents, and others, in the cloud safely. This means that your files are not only stored on your device, but can also be accessed and synchronized across various other devices, such as computers, smartphones, or tablets.

Updated 5 July 2024
Categories Alat
Required Android 5.1+
Version 3.30.9
Size 109Mb
Mod Premium Unlocked

One of the main advantages of using TeraBox is data protection. By storing your files in the cloud, you can protect them from possible loss or damage to your device. If, for example, your device is lost, stolen, or damaged, you can still access your files via TeraBox. Apart from that, TeraBox also uses strong encryption technology to keep your files safe, so that only you can access and view them.

Apart from that, TeraBox also offers convenience in sharing files with other people. You can easily send links or invite others to access specific files of your choosing. This is especially useful if you need to collaborate with other people on projects or if you want to share files with friends or family.

Apart from that, TeraBox also provides an automatic synchronization feature. This means that any changes you make to files on one device will automatically be synchronized with other devices. So, you don't need to worry about errors or data loss because any changes will be continuously synced across all your devices.

With TeraBox, you can also access your files offline. This means that you can download files to your device and access them even when you are not connected to the internet. This is very useful when you are traveling or in a place with a poor internet connection.


  • Premium
  • Safe
  • Save Videos
  • Clear quality
  • Save large files
  • No ads
  • All features are open
  • Unlimited number of transfers
  • Server side is not working

What's new?

  • 1. Optimized download speed
  • 2. Optimized file upload, added new types: documents, compressed files, and installation packages. Helps you find the files you need to upload faster.
  • 3. The "Recent" tab on homescreen has been enhanced, supporting records of recently viewed, saved, and uploaded files for easier file retrieval.
Terabox Mod APK (Premium, Unlocked) 109Mb
Top Review

Christina Doherty

Since the last update I can no longer do daily check in. The calendar month (the numbers) do not show. Also cannot do other tasks to make more gold. The other tasks are no longer listed. Have tried clearing the cache which used to work but no longer works. I hope it is fixed because I really love TeraBox otherwise. Edit: Reinstalling the app fixed the problem. Love all the free storage.



overall, it's not a bad app. I was using it a lot but I've noticed that the automatic backup feature doesn't work very well. there's loads of files it has missed. basically, if it's a random meme I've saved, that's what seems to get backed up automatically, not actual pics. otherwise it's a good app. maybe some UI clean up would be nice. there's so much going on and always 2-3 things popping up as soon as I open or close the app. it feels like the temu app sometimes 🫤


King Murese

All the storage is great!!! The only problem is that when I save gifs to it, my gifs always move slow for some reason. Also, a suggestion I have is to allow videos to loop. I hate that when I finish a video and want to replay it, it always goes to another video. I want my video to loop . So please add that feature. But everything else is great


Levi Crocker

A pretty good cloud storage app for backing up your files. I'm a bit annoyed at the constant ads, but I can accept and bear it since it's the alternative "price" for free stuff. What I really wish it had is the ability to upload in bulk. For example, I have bunch of music in a file on my phone that I wanna backup. I wish it could upload the entire file of music instead of me having to upload individually, which would take hours.



for only being a few months old it's decent, i don't have much to complain about within the app itself, i just wish that file managers supported it so i could use it more easily. the only complaint i have is that we can't change the viewing of the photos, we can only see them in a list. and of course, the best feature being a free terabyte. i hope there's a desktop app soon, keep it up 👍



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