PhotoDirector v19.2.0 MOD APK (Premium Unlocked)

About PhotoDirector – Animate Photo is an animation maker that gives your photos uniqueness, novelty, and endless creativity. Create incredible photos with your personality with just a few easy steps. The application also has thousands of stickers, effects, and countless other unique features waiting for you to join and explore.

Updated 9 Mei 2024
Categories Fotografi
Required Android 8.0+
Version 19.2.0
Size 150Mb
Mod Unlocked Premium
PhotoDirector v19.2.0 MOD APK (Premium Unlocked) 150Mb
Top 5 Review

Alisa Rose (Arose)

It's a great app. However, the AI Replace option randomly decides to tell you to come back in 10 minutes due to high volume which is very inconvenient if you're working with before and after pictures & need to create shirt collars, etc. on clients for your website. There was a point where it didn't work for a few days and put my site building on hold. They mentioned in their reply to this issue that they've reconsidered their NSFW results, and since then, it's worked. Time will tell.



This app is amazing. I've used it for years. Photo edited for instagram, in AZ. Amongst many other great photos. very reliable. As well as, a fantastic user interface experience. Had a later review, that was for a bug. Disabling my music. Found clearing cache to some time fix. But persistent. I emailed devs, resolved in an update later. So, dev experiences have been phenomenal.


Lanell Haris

I've been using the free version of this to tweek photos for OfferUp for years. I don't need all the other options. But there just isn't a better app to crop and modify pictures so that my listings pop. I can probably credit hundreds of dollars in sales to the ease and adaptability of this app. My only wish is for a cheaper paid version that only eliminates the ads.


Kevin Smith

Its a powerful photo editing tool thats easy to use. I highly recommend it. Update: Still using it in 2021. Still love it. It's better than ever. New update: I found out how this photo editing app can get even better. I finally went with the paid versions. The free one is still awesome only now it 10x that. I can't get over how cool the animation features are. Update: It's 2023 & with each product update it gets more features that I find innovative & fascinating.



I really love this app. I appreciate the random updates for filter/ effect/ sticker packs and considering that I don't come from a Photoshop background, I applaud the developers for creating an intuitive and easy to navigate interface that puts a powerful set of tools in a package that's extremely robust without requiring any technical know how. Cheers 🤌