Gojek Mod APK 4.87.2 (Unlimited gopay, saldo)

About Gojek Mod APK 2023 is a modified version of Gojek which can display unlimited balances. Click Gojek Mod APK Unlimited Gopay, Download balance on this page now.

Updated 10 May 2024
Categories Travel & Local
Required Android 5.0 +
Version 4.87.2
Size 93.29Mb
Mod Unlimited Money

About Gojek

Gojek Mod APK makes it easier for you to carry out various activities, whether traveling, purchasing products or items, or sending money. The usual application may already feel familiar, but this version is different with upgrades and modifications that you would never have imagined before.

In the modern digital era, you can rely on applications to do many things. When you're in a pinch and need a vehicle to pick you up at night, just open the shuttle service application. Feeling hungry suddenly? Just order the food you like and use the voucher to make the order price cheaper.

Want to transact and send money? You can also use the digital wallet feature. Paying bills, sending goods, and getting what you need, is now easy with just one scroll or press.

Features that Gopay Mod APK 2023 has

Surely, you are already curious about the special features that this application has and which are most highlighted to attract users. If so, just pay attention to the following list to consider the advantages of using it.

Unlimited Balance

The problem that users often experience in using the Gojek application and making orders is limited balance. If your balance is low and runs out at the end of the month, of course you can no longer use some of the features in the application.

Download gojek mod apk unlimited gopay

Miraculously, this latest version of the Gojek APK Mod can give you unlimited balance. Use it to buy all your needs, starting from paying bills, buying credit, paying at online stores, and so on.

Ease of Using the Application

Even though it is classified as an application that uses modifications, the features it has are very easy for you to use. What's more, you don't need to open an account like when using a bank or an application created by the bank.

Simply by installing the application and registering it using an active number, you can use your account for transactions within the scope of the application. It's very fun and makes your understanding of the use of the official application deeper, right?

Quick Access

The features are very profitable, but what about the loading and transaction process? Gopay can make transaction access faster. How could it not be fast? The process only takes a matter of minutes by recording the destination number.

Gojek mod apk unlimited balance

If so, you can immediately determine the amount to be sent. Apart from that, you can also feel the speed immediately because of the extensive Gojek server. There is no such thing as slow when using Gojek services because ordering vehicles, food, even using a Gocar will feel easier.

How to Install Gopay Mod APK Indonesia Unlimited Balance

Because this application is an official modified version, the installation process cannot be done directly using the Play Store. Please activate it first for downloads from unknown sources, then install this application on your device.

No need to worry if you have never installed outside the Play Store. Please follow the following steps.

  • Make sure you have downloaded the application file via the link above, then open the settings on the device.
  • Select 'advanced' settings, then go to the security and privacy section.
  • In the unknown sources section, please slide the toggle next to it.
  • Open File Manager and select the APK file that you downloaded earlier. gojek mod apk 2024
  • Select the install option if you have clicked on the file name.

How to Use Gopay Mod APK for Android

If you have successfully installed the Gopay Mod APK with unlimited balance, of course you should be able to use it immediately. The stages are as follows.

  • Open the Gopay Mod APK application and select one of the features you need, such as GoFood.
  • From several food menus available, you can choose the one you like most and add it to your basket.
  • Once you are sure of all the choices, a total balance will be displayed
  • .
  • Checkout by clicking on the total purchases and processing the payment. Look at the last balance displayed, whether it is still unlimited or has been reduced.


Gojek Mod APK 2023 actually has its own advantages and disadvantages as a modified version of the application. Hopefully you can use it well according to the functions available and make good use of it.

Gojek Mod APK 4.87.2 (Unlimited gopay, saldo) 93.29Mb
Top 5 Review

Archie Tobias

This app is surely useful when you require a delivery service, either for going somewhere or for ordering food when you can't buy or make them yourself. Most of the drivers are helpful and friendly as well. Keep up the good works, your service is greatly appreciated.


Nadia Hardoyo

very helpful apps, user friendly and fast response from the customer service if you're having trouble. this apps reached almost big cities in Indonesia and it is very helpful if ur travelling 2 indonesia


Adam Harera

Please add American Express to your international credit card payments. You can add the extra merchent processing fee to offset expenses but try to keep it under 3%. This way Amex users will earn points for travel. Grab accepts it but charges a ridiculous 4%.


Matthijs van Bergen

Great app but sometimes a bit buggy. For example, answering a call from a driver doesn't work well. You end up having to press the answer button many times and pray that it will actually register and execute the action. Sometimes randomly the location is changed. The map and trajectory of the driver from the restaurant to your place often doesn't load. Etc. When it works it's great and very convenient, but unfortunately there are more bugs than I would like.


Loo Jin Yi

Cheaper than grab most of the time, driver is more punctual and honest (grab driver tend to try to cheat the system, eg: asking you to cancel after accepting the job). Gojek algorithm are better, driver tend to be closer by when job is accepted.