Kunai Master Mod APK 0.7.44 (Unlimited money)

About Kunai Master: Ninja Assassin is a game for real spies! Dodge attacks, teleport, avoid various obstacles and destroy enemies and main bosses!

In each level, other ninjas will be waiting for you. Your task is to get to them and kill them like a real killer. You will control the dagger - kunai. With the help of weapons, you can teleport to enemies, close the distance, and dodge attacks.

You have to go through exploding barrels, different types of warriors - ninjas, dangerous bosses, and much more. Learn to control your weapons, hit your opponent, teleport a distance and dodge attacks. Only by learning all the skills of a stealth assassin can you become a true kunai dagger master!

Kunai Master: Ninja Assassin features:
- Unique combat mechanics
- Easy control
- Different types of warriors
- ninja
- Beautiful graphics
- Bosses with various skills

Kunai Master: Ninja Assassin is a true warrior path that honors its creed. Teleport behind the enemies and destroy the bosses. Learn how to use a weapon - kunai, and become the best ninja in the world of assassins!

Updated January 27, 2024
Categories Action
Required Android 5.1+
Version 0.7.44
Size 156Mb
Developer Casual Azur Games
Mod Unlimited Money
Kunai Master Mod APK 0.7.44 (Unlimited money)
Kunai Master Mod APK 0.7.44 (Unlimited money)
Kunai Master Mod APK 0.7.44 (Unlimited money)
Kunai Master Mod APK 0.7.44 (Unlimited money)
Kunai Master Mod APK 0.7.44 (Unlimited money)

Intense Gameplay This game offers intense gameplay with a series of missions and levels to complete. You must defeat enemies and bosses to progress further in the game.

However, your adversaries will not give you an easy fight. They will try to knock you down with their attacks and weapons. While you'll begin with just a single warrior, you can unlock more characters with unique abilities and equipment. This will help you in your missions and make the battles easier to win.

Upgrade Your Skills Not only can you upgrade your chosen character's skills, but you can also improve their weapons and equipment. You can do this by collecting coins during missions or completing levels.

These upgrades will give you the edge you need to defeat even the toughest bosses. Plus, with numerous warriors available, you can upgrade them all to make your missions easier. This way, you can level up quickly and become a truly skilled ninja warrior.

Unleash Exceptional Abilities -This skill allows you to instantly teleport to a location, surprise your enemies, and attack them quickly. It's a great way to avoid enemy attacks and strike them down.
-Flaming Kunai. This ability allows you to throw flaming kunai at your adversaries, causing massive damage and burning them instantly.
-It's a perfect skill for close combat battles.
-Kunai Rain. Your character will unleash numerous kunai from the sky, causing heavy damage to your enemies and taking them down swiftly.
-Dodge Attacks. Use this skill to easily dodge your adversary's attacks, allowing you to strike back and defeat them.
-You can even fly through the air to avoid enemy attacks.

Upgrade Your Kunai In this game, Kunai (dagger) is not just your main weapon but also the key to upgrading your character's skills and abilities. The more powerful the kunai, the easier it will be for you to defeat enemies.

You can upgrade your kunai by collecting treasures and ensuring it has the right elements. These include fire, ice, electricity, and wind, each with its advantages in battles. You can also unlock new kunai with even more powerful abilities to aid you in missions. This way, you can enhance its power and make it even deadlier in battles.

Explode Barrels On some levels, there are explosive barrels scattered around. Use them to your advantage by throwing kunai at them and causing massive damage to your enemies. This can easily defeat a group of adversaries in one go and make the battles much easier.

However, you must be strategic in using these barrels as they can also harm you if not used properly. Timing is key in exploding them to gain the upper hand and defeat enemies quickly.

Retro Pixel Graphics Kunai Master APK offers retro pixel graphics that give the game a nostalgic feel. While the graphics may not be as advanced as other games, it adds to the charm and appeal of this action-packed game.

Plus, the graphics do not affect gameplay in any way. You can still easily navigate through the missions and levels, defeat enemies, and upgrade your skills and equipment.

Kunai Master Mod APK 0.7.44 (Unlimited money) 156Mb